Yoga Instructors



Monica Farrell

I love helping students discover more of themselves in the practice.  In class we create a space of unity and ease so each of us unfolds in self knowledge and joy in our own unique way.


Amrita Johne

I am always inspired and touched by the people who are new to yoga practice and are looking to incorporate it into their lives. We all are wanting more wellbeing in our lives and yoga has so many benefits on all levels; physical,mental and spiritual.

Shankari Bowmaster


Jessica Glendinning

Jessica (Dhara) is a certified Integral Yoga teacher who works with entrepreneurs, activists, and other positive changemakers to improve and balance their lives through yoga. She is a seeker, writer and activist who burned out after spending a third of her life working in the education and nonprofit sectors, then began to find her way back to personal sustainability through her yoga practice. She believes wholeheartedly that we must nurture and care for ourselves first, so that we might fully serve the rest of the world. You are invited to learn more at

Davila Gonzales


My life with yoga began twelve years ago with a gentle hatha practice. There I learned how to breathe and stand, and how to be with myself just for the sake of being. As my practice evolved, I discovered vinyasa and fell in love with the soft energy that lingered after moving my body with my breath. In 2015 I completed a 200 hour vinyasa teacher training with Vidya Heisl of Frog Lotus Yoga in Spain. Around the same time, I discovered yin. Taking classes with Marla Cantor here in Charlottesville, I found a new vitality in the stillness, quiet, and simple surrender of yin. My more dynamic hatha and vinyasa practices deepened and transformed, and this vitality began to spill into each area of my life.

I feel so thankful for this practice, for my teachers, and for each opportunity I am given to hold space for others to experience the quiet