Savasana — The Most Important Pose in Yoga

Every yoga class ends with Savasana.   That’s when we lay down on the back.  The eyes are closed, arms slightly away from the body, palms up, feet relaxed to the sides, legs hip width apart.  We may use eye pillows to block the light and use of the blanket is recommended for warmth.

savasana1Because our culture greatly honors “doing” while minimally honoring “being,” Savasana may be the most difficult pose.

Stress is now an expected aspect of our life.  The opposite of stress is rest.  Rest is a deliberate attempt to be still and it is as important as walking, sleeping, nutrition and exercise.

When we lie down on the physical level, we experience the least muscular effort.  Contact with the firmness of the ground can be experienced as supportive and nurturing. 

On the mental level we may have thoughts arising and they prevent us from deeply relaxing.  We learn to observe our thoughts, letting them pass, realizing that they are produced by our neurology but they are not our deepest identity.  We are not our thoughts.

In Savasana we may fall asleep, but over time we learn to hover at the state of relaxation. 

That’s where the great benefit of Savasana lays: to deeply relax.