Monday: Law of Giving and Receiving

  • The universe operates through a dynamic exchange.  Nothing is static.
  • We breath in and we breathe out.
  • The flow of life is harmonious interaction and an exchange of all the elements and forces.

Stopping the circulation of the energy is like stopping the flow of blood.  Whenever blood stops to flow it coagulates, it starts to stagnate.  You must give and receive in order to keep wealth and affluence – or anything you want in your life – circulating in your life.

Giving and receiving are what’s most important in our lives.  Your intention should always be to create happiness for the giver and receiver. Because happiness is life-supporting and life-sustaining, it generates abundance.

The Law of Giving is very simple to practice:

  • if you want joy, give joy to others
  • if you want love, learn to give love
  • if you want material affluence, help others to become materially affluent

In fact, the easiest way to get what you want is to help others to get what they want.