Jayme Siet

Jayme Siet, OTR/L, MOT, is trained in the teachings of Swami Sivananda. In 2009, she spent 3 months living at the Sivananda ashram, where she adhered to a strict yogic lifestyle and studied the traditional Eastern yogic traditions, based on Vendata (Vedic) philosophy. A major focus of her practice is to stress the mind and body connection, giving time and attention to open both the mental and physical aspects of the body through yoga practice. She is also a licensed practicing occupational therapist, and Jayme brings a skillful knowledge of the body when guiding one’s practice, while making appropriate adaptations that honor the unique differences each of our physical bodies hold. A focus of her yoga routine (and personal philosophy) is to cultivate mindfulness and invite in life’s positivite energy throughout one’s practice for the mind, body and spirit, as well as honoring their connection within each individual. Jayme has taught in a variety of environments ranging from rehabilitation facilities, wilderness theraputics programs, and yoga studios throughout Colorado. She has transitioned to Charlottesville, VA and is excited to be welcomed in sharing her practice with the Open Heart yoga community.