Last Sound Bath with Aiia Crostiona!

January 26, 2020



Join us for a Sound Bath with Aiia Crostiona.
Come, relax, and let the sound vibration take away all your worry and stress.
The sounds from the quartz bowls are very beneficial to the nervous system, very calming. You will find yourself breathing deeply and effortlessly.
You can lay down or sit up, we have blankets, yoga mats and bolsters to make yourself the most comfortable. We have space only for 20 people, sign up to reserve your spot!
Our human body is crystalline in structure—that is why quartz singing bowls have become one of the most sought after sonic tools worldwide. Each Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowl is infused with precious gems & minerals and is specifically tuned to your chakra and internal organ systems.
Their pure tones provide deep healing & relaxation and are beneficial for tuning our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies thus facilitating transformation and healing. You will be bathed in waves of sound & vibration!
Ai’iA will begin your experience with meditation and an overview of current Universal Cosmic energies that are expanding our Consciousness & guiding our Ascension process.

We had so much fun at Mala making workshop!

We will do it again in March!