Do You Want to Communicate with the Other Side?

Linnea Star brings through exact and detailed information from people’s lost relatives, and even acts as a conduit for the deceased loved ones to show themselves, or images they want to communicate, such as pictures on cell phones.

Metaphysical Lecture:

In this lecture, Linnea Star will talk about the history of mediumship and its origin, that goes back to ancient Egypt. You will get to know about some of the famous mediums in the early years, such as the Edgard Cayce, Eileen Garrett, Arthur Ford and more. You will learn metaphysical terminology, and what it is like to be a medium. The event includes a demonstration, where Linnea will receive messages for willing participants, and get to know what their beloved on the other side want to tell them.

Workshop Spirit Photography and Crystal Readings:

In this workshop with Linnea, you will get to experience Spirit Photography and Crystal Readings. Bring a cellphone with a photo of someone you love, living or dead. Hardcopy works fine too. Linnea will read images in the personal photos of everyone present. Sometimes these images become visible also for you. You will also get to experience the Mystical Crystal experience. You will get to hold an opaque crystal ball, thereby connecting with the energies of the other side. A cellphone picture will then be taken, and images in the crystal ball will be interpreted by Linnea. Often, everyone present can see these images.

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Beautiful Darkness

Winter Solstice Celebration

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

6pm – 7:15pm

Wednesday, December 20th at 6pm-7:15pm

This is the time to go inward, to rediscover your intuition, and to nurture yourself. This wonderful darker time allows us to prepare for the expansion and growth that comes in the Spring.

In this special edition class, we will focus on quieting poses and deep stretches to maintain your physical and mental flexibility. There will be a special ceremony to celebrate Winter Solstice and increase of light in upcoming days.

Ayurvedic cookies and hot tea will be served after class.

The word Solstice translates into “Sun stands still.” The darkest day of the year, Winter Solstice has been celebrated since ancient times.

The masculine force of the sun must be balanced by the feminine nature of the moon. In winter we see so much more of the moon – making winter a strong feminine season.


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