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Open Heart Yoga Center

Offering daily yoga and meditation classes to the Charlottesville Community.

You’re invited to try our classes in yoga and meditation. You can also experience energy healing sessions. You can even learn new eating habits that will last a lifetime. There’s something for everyone here, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Open Heart Yoga Center is more than a yoga studio. It’s a place for community, where we offer a variety of practices designed to open the heart and create the feeling well-being. Our classes are an engaging alternative (or addition) to other forms of exercise and relaxation.

Open Heart Yoga -Hatha Yoga with Monica

Monica says: “ I love helping students discover more of themselves in the practice. In class we create a space of unity and ease so each of us unfolds in self knowledge and joy in our own unique way “.

In Monica’s class you will be guided through Sun Salutations, breathing practices (pranayama), postures to ground and balance, and there will be ample time to relax in Savasana. Monica has the unique ability to adjust the practice to everyone; if you want to feel challenged, you will, if you want to take it easy, it will be very nurturing.

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Namaste and OM

Yoga classes traditionally start and end with chanting of the sound OM.

OM is a mantra, or vibration, It is said to be the sound of the universe. What does that mean? 

Somehow the ancient yogis knew what scientists today are telling us—that the entire universe is moving. Nothing is ever solid or still. Everything that exists pulsates, creating a rhythmic vibration that the ancient yogis acknowledged with the sound of Om. We may not always be aware of this sound in our daily lives, but we can hear it in the rustling of the autumn leaves, the waves on the shore, the inside of a seashell.

As we chant OM, it takes us for a ride on this universal movement, through our breath, our awareness, and our physical energy, and we begin to sense a bigger connection that is both uplifting and soothing.

After the sounding of the OM at the end of the yoga class, I will say  “ Namaste”

This is a Sanskrit word which literally translated means “I bow to you.”  It is more commonly translated as “the divine light in me honors the divine light in you “