Bozena La Pierre

shutterstock_106296899“Bio-energy is in nature and it surrounds us and it is available to everyone,” says Bozena.  As an energy healer, she channels the energy to the other person when they have agreed to accept this energy.

Bioenergy is a natural way of healing. It’s an energy that surrounds us. It exists in nature. This intelligent energy knows where to flow in the body to heal it. Bioenergy can also be sent long-distance to someone who needs healing but isn’t able to be with the healer in person, and may aid in reducing morning sickness in pregnant women.

When Bozena La Pierre was still in school, people liked to be near her because they felt good in her presence. For years, she has used her healing energy to help people who were sick or in pain. She moved to USA from Poland 30 years ago, and has continued to practice here, helping many people to alleviate pain and address a wide variety of maladies.

In a healing session, Bozena holds her hands (without touching) over the seven energy centers, also known as chakras, which are located along the spine.  The healing energy is transmitted through her hands. 

The receiver may feel warmth, cold or tingling in the areas below her  hands.   There is also a sense of deep calm and stillness.  The receiver is fully clothed sitting in a comfortable position.

Bozena La Pierre
Bozena La Pierre

A session takes around 30 minutes. The cost is $25.
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